Sustainable Food & AgTech Market Update – October 2018

Sustainable Food & AgTech Market Update Newsletter - October 2018

Greentech Capital Advisors’ Sustainable Food & AgTech Monthly Market Update summarizes key announcements, M&A, and capital raising activity related to sustainable agriculture, while providing detailed trading metrics on public companies across the sector.

Key Takeaways:

  • Large food distributors like Sainbury’s and Kellogg, as well as small incumbents like Huel and Impossible Foods, are continuing to offer sustainable food options to appeal to millennial customers
  • Successful capital raises by Trace Genomics, Understory, Taranis and CropIn showcase the frenzied interest in using data analytics to optimize traditional farming methods
  • Investors are eyeing automation in agriculture through investments in platforms such as Robotics Plus and Ndrip, which automate key farm functions and drive operational efficiencies, which we believe will ultimately lead to significant improvements in operating margins and on-farm efficiency