Renewable Energy Value Chain
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Renewable Energy Value Chain

Our expertise

Accelerating the build-out of renewable infrastructure is paramount to achieving global decarbonization and net zero goals. The hardware, software and service providers to the renewable infrastructure ecosystem continue to play a vital role in all phases of technology adoption and operations.

Nomura Greentech is a leading advisor to these companies that are enabling the transformational global shift from traditional generation sources to renewables and is actively involved across all technologies, including solar, wind, storage, hydrogen and other low carbon energy sources.

industry verticals

Focused on enabling growth for the entire value chain for solar, storage, wind and hydrogen as these industries mature and new innovators emerge

  • Equipment: modules, inverters, trackers, racking and balance of system

  • Services: EPC, O&M and asset management

  • Software: system design, project management, operations, asset performance management and data analytics

  • Finance: third party financiers, POS platforms and capital providers

Energy Storage
  • Raw and active battery materials and components

  • Battery cell producers and integrators

  • Balance of systems and services (EPC, O&M, asset management)

  • Software

  • Equipment: turbines, blades, foundations, floats and balance of system

  • Software and services: EPC, O&M, asset management and digital solutions

  • Equipment: fuel cells, sensors, electrolyzers, valves and controls, storage

  • Generation: production of green, blue and grey hydrogen

  • Liquefaction, storage, transportation and distribution

  • Carbon capture