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NextGen Ocean and Air Transportation

Our expertise

Aviation and maritime are hard-to-abate legacy sectors that have long-lived asset bases, high energy demand requirements and global logistical complexity. Ships carry approximately 90% of goods transported globally and aviation transports over 4 billion passengers annually. Both sectors account, in aggregate, for approximately 6% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions today. These sectors are rapidly adapting to address globally coordinated regulations, rising pressure from customers and increased scrutiny from shareholders.

At Nomura Greentech, the NextGen Ocean and Air team focuses on strategic M&A and capital formation advisory to both public and private companies across the holistic maturation curve of a corporation – from early stage innovators that focus on energy efficiency and low carbon technologies, to established incumbents that install or maintain offshore wind turbines.

industry verticals

Focused on six sub-sectors, targeting various pathways to decarbonization within maritime and aviation

Ocean Transport
  • Bulkers

  • Carbon capture

  • Containers

  • Cruise

  • Electric ferries

  • Floating liquefied natural gas

  • Floating storage regasification units

  • Liquefied natural gas

  • Liquefied petroleum gas

  • Tankers

Offshore Wind Maritime
  • Wind turbine installation vessels

  • Cable laying

  • Service operation vessels / crew transport vessels

  • Operations and maintenance services

  • Decommissioning

Clean Tech / Digitization
  • Emission abatement

  • Energy efficiency

  • Operational efficiency

  • Software solutions

  • Fleet enhancements

  • Cabin efficiency

  • Operational efficiency

Sustainable Fuels
  • Liquefied natural gas

  • Hydrogen

  • Ammonia

  • Methanol

  • Bio fuel

  • Batteries  

  • Sustainable aviation fuel

Urban / Regional Mobility
  • Electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft

  • Electric short take-off and landing aircraft

  • Helicopters

Alternative Propulsion
  • Hybrid-electric

  • Fully electric

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