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Greentech Advises KALO and KeepFocus on their acquisition of Qundis
May 1, 2017

Greentech Capital Advisors is pleased to announce the following transaction:
Exclusive financial advisor on its acquisition of

€400,000,000May 2017



KALORIMETA AG & CO. KG (KALO) and its sister company KeepFocus Europa GmbH & Co. KG (KeepFocus) offer networked infrastructure and services for consumption-based measurement, data analysis, and billing of heating and operating costs, as well as clima-intelligent applications for the residential and commercial real estate sector.

KALO and KeepFocus offer their customers an innovative digital energy data management solution via central, application-independent data platforms. Other services include the legionella testing of drinking water, legally certified smoke alarm service, the maintenance of facilities for regulated building ventilation, as well as customer debit and credit management, including dunning and collection.

KALO and KeepFocus use more than 10 million owned measuring devices and smoke alarms to increase billing transparency, energy efficiency and building safety, and to deliver to their customers fast, legally calibrated settlements for 1.6 million apartments. The companies’ 1,500 employees deliver reliable solutions to their customers every day.

KALO was founded in 1953 and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.


  • QUNDIS supplies a comprehensive range of sub-metering and communication devices used to measure, collect and transmit accurate consumption data for heat and water usage at the household unit level, serving the SME independent sub-metering supplier and building technology markets across Europe;
  • Between 2014 and 2016, QUNDIS increased its sales from EUR 60 million to EUR 90 million;
  • KALO and KeepFocus have acquired QUNDIS from HgCapital who will retain a minority position in the combined group;
  • Jan-Christoph Maiwaldt, Chairman of KALO, and Andreas Göppel, member of the Executive Board of KALO, have transformed the company over the past two years into a new European leader with the acquisition of distinctive and innovative companies like PPC and KeepFocus; in parallel, they are developing the group aiming for operational excellence to deliver best-in-class solutions to the residential and commercial real estate sector;
  • With the acquisition of QUNDIS, KALO pushes ahead with its digital transformation strategy to position itself to better serve a changing market with state-of-the-art wireless device infrastructure, data security, data integrity and flexibility;
  • Together, KALO, QUNDIS, and KeepFocus will be able to offer all parts of the value chain around the smart sub metering and smart building individually or as a full service all over Europe;
  • Andreas Göppel led the transaction on KALO’s side.

Jan-Christoph Maiwaldt, Chairman at KALO, commented, “This acquisition is another milestone in the company’s digital transformation. My colleague Andreas Göppel and I are very pleased that we have successfully completed the acquisition. We´re now able to offer all parts of the value chain around the subject of smart sub metering and smart building individually or as a full service all over Europe.”


For additional information about this transaction, please contact:

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