Advanced Mobility Market Update – November 2018

Advanced Mobility Market Update - October 2018

Greentech Capital Advisors’ Advanced Mobility Monthly Market Update summarizes key announcements, M&A, and capital raising activity related to advanced transportation, while providing detailed trading metrics on public companies across the sector.

Key Takeaways:

  • GM has announced a restructuring plan to free up capital to invest in EV and VW is embarking on a $50bn electrification plan over the next five years, highlighting the heavy investments made by legacy OEMs to restructure their portfolios around the electrification revolution
  • Colorado, Pennsylvania and Washington are adopting California’s low emission vehicle standards, showcasing a desire from some states to take pollution into their own hands after the federal government weakened their emission standards
  • AEye raised $40mm, DeepMap is raising $60mm and MapAnything raised $43mm as developers of technology for AVs continue to attract capital in pursuit of lower cost technology