Advanced Mobility Market Update – October 2018

Advanced Mobility Market Update - October 2018

Greentech Capital Advisors’ Advanced Mobility Monthly Market Update summarizes key announcements, M&A, and capital raising activity related to advanced transportation, while providing detailed trading metrics on public companies across the sector.

Key Takeaways:

  • BMW invested a further $4.1bn in their Chinese JV, Dyson is committing $2.6bn to build EVs in Singapore, Tesla has purchased land in Shanghai for a Gigafactory and VW has started construction in China of their first factory designed for EV production, highlighting the substantial investments that western OEMs are making in and around China in an effort to supply the country’s heavy demand for EVs while avoiding import tariffs
  • Eyesight’s $15mm round and Perceptive Automata’s $16mm round reflect the growing interest in AI companies focused on predicting human behavior as AVs continue to struggle with perhaps the most unpredictable variable of their environment, humans
  • New guidelines from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will allow cars specifically designed for L4 autonomy to drive on public roads, but uncertainties around precise rules still complicate AV sales in the U.S.