Inframation interviews new partner hire John McClure on Advanced Transportation

May 15, 2019

Greentech Adds Transportation-Focused Partner

Published: 15 May 2019

Author: Andrew Vitelli


Former RBC managing director John McClure has joined Greentech Capital Advisors as a partner in its San Francisco office, the firm announced in a 13 May press release.

McClure will focus on “advanced transportation” at Greentech, expanding the New York-based advisory’s activity in this space. Greentech has historically specialized in clean energy deals. According to Inframation Deals, of 10 transactions on which the firm has advised since 2016, eight have been renewables transactions with the remainder in power and energy.

“Transportation accounts for 60% of world oil consumption and 25% of the world’s CO2 emissions,” Greentech managing partner Jeff McDermott said in the press release. “The electrification of passenger vehicles, low carbon fuels which replace diesel for heavy duty trucks, and shared autonomous vehicle networks are set to fundamentally de-carbonize transportation and make a profound difference in carbon emissions. The winners will capture enormous value.”

Greentech has advised on a handful of deals in the transportation space, according to its website. The firm advised SmartDrive, a company that uses video and data to monitor driver behavior, on growth equity financing from Michelin, for example. With McClure, Greentech is more likely to look towards technologies such as electric vehicles and the intersection between transportation and power.

“It is not a new area for Greentech, but it is an area they want to double down on given the number of deals and the importance of those deals for the industry transformation,” McClure said in an interview. “From the perspective of deals moving forward, we are really just in the early innings of what this technological change is going to bring.”

McClure said he expects infrastructure funds to become increasingly active in transportation technology.

“You’ve got this tsunami of electric vehicles coming out and no infrastructure,” he noted. “Much like anything, those who establish early relationships, strong relationships, who have good and unique insights and understanding in the industry, are the ones who will disproportionately succeed going forward.”

McClure joined RBC in 2015, covering advanced transportation and semiconductors for the bank’s investment banking division. Before joining RBC, he spent two years at Intel working on advanced driving technologies. He previously worked for General Motors, Applied Materials and Royal Philips Electronics.