ESG360 Outlook 2023: Part 1 - Will Green Deals Rebound?

December 2022 / Podcast
Read time: 29 minutesESG360 Outlook 2023: Part 1 - Will Green Deals Rebound?
  • We are expecting a resurgence in deal making with potential tailwinds from the US SEC's climate rules and the Inflation Reduction Act

  • Sectors to watch include AgTech and Carbon Capture and Storage

  • Green and social bonds are likely to see increased demand alongside transition bonds in Japan

In this episode, we explore the outlook for sustainable M&A with Jeff McDermott, Global Co-Head of Investment Banking at Nomura. We hone in on the sectors to watch including carbon capture technologies and sustainable food, while considering whether the coming 12 months may be a tipping point for moving away from a fossil fuel economy.

We also discuss the outlook for ESG bond deals with Jarek Olszowka, Nomura’s Head of Sustainable Finance. We examine how the green bond market will continue to flourish and whether social bonds may see increased inflows amid the prospect of a global recession and a cost-of-living crisis. We also touch on the trend towards biodiversity and Japan’s booming market for transition bonds.


Jeff McDermott

Jeff McDermott

Global Co-Head of Investment Banking at Nomura

Jarek Olszowka

Jarek Olszowka

Head of Sustainable Finance, Nomura

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