ESG360 – How AgTech is Revolutionising the Food Chain

September 2022 / Podcast
Read time: 28 minutesESG360 – How AgTech is Revolutionising the Food Chain
  • Extreme heatwaves and drought are threatening our food systems

  • Insect protein is being backed as a sustainable form of plant and animal nutrition that can reduce emissions

  • Lab-grown meat is a new frontier that's already available in Singapore and other countries are likely to follow suit

In this episode of ESG360, we explore how factors such as climate change, a population explosion and food security are driving AgTech solutions like insect protein and lab-grown meat. Food and agriculture represents 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions and farming is responsible for about 70% of global water use making innovation in this area critical if the world stands a chance of reaching Net Zero by 2050.


David Verbitsky

David Verbitsky

Managing Director, Head of AgTech and Sustainable Food, Nomura Greentech

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